The need for affordable housing in Elgin continues to grow and exceeds the housing assistance currently available.   The wait for assistance is very long.  The Elgin Housing Authority (EHA) uses a waiting list to maintain a list of those families in need of assistance, the wait for assistance can take several years!

Please use the following waiting list lookup to check your current place on the waitlist.

Be sure to send updates to the waitlist administrator, to keep your application current.  If EHA reaches out to you and your information has changed, you will be removed from the waitlist.  THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS AN APPLICANT!

Village East Apartments (Public Housing)
Elgin Housing Authority - Family Size to Bedroom Size Guidelines

Family Size to Unit Bedroom Size

1 Bedroom/1bath - 1 to 2 (single or couple) - 6+ years average wait 

2 Bedroom/1bath - 2 to 4 (Family of 2 to 4) - 4+ years average wait

3 Bedroom/1bath - 3 to 6 (Family of 4 to 6) - 4+ years average wait

Applications for families with seven (7) or more members are not accepted at EHA.

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