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Public Housing Waitlist

The wait list remains CLOSED until the list is reaching depletion and there is a need for additional applicants to be added to the waiting list.

UPDATED: Effective 2019 all WAIT LIST Applications WILL BE DONE ONLINE ONLY - When the wait list is re-opened, you will need an E-Mail address to submit an application.  Free e-mails can be created at gmail.com.

Financial Obligations

In order to qualify for a unit, the household must also be able to demonstrate their ability to pay rent and utilities, etc.  Gas and electric must be on at all times.  The housing authority currently pays water and trash.


LAST UPDATED - February 4, 2019

The following lists are the order in which we will review applicants when units become available.  The first person on the list  may not qualify for the unit that we have available, so we will move to number 2 an so on.
1) If you have not provided all the documents that were requested of you at the time you submitted your application, your application will be skipped/removed.
2) If your contact information is out of date, you will be skipped/removed. 
3) If you fail our criminal or rental background check, you will be removed from the list. 
Note: You must be able to pay the deposit, utility deposits, monthly utilities and rent (Deposit: $100/1 bed, $200/2 bed, $300/3 bed).  
Units typically become available without much notice. 
2 and 3 Bedroom Waiting List

Household Size Criteria

1 Bedroom - 1 to 2

2 Bedroom - 2 to 4

3 Bedroom - 3 to 6

Applications for families with seven (7) or more members are not accepted.

Applicants are responsible for updating contact information and household changes